All-Candidates Meeting – Newcastle Chamber of Commerce

The Newcastle Chamber of Commerce is hosting an all-candidates meeting on Wednesday, May 23, at Clarke High School, 3425 Hwy 35/115. The event starts at 7:00, but come at 6:30 to meet the candidates and look over our information. See you there!

All-Candidates Meeting – Retired Teachers of Ontario

The Retired Teachers of Ontario are hosting an all-candidates meeting on Thursday, May 17th, at 7:00pm. The event will be held at the Best Western Inn in Cobourg, 930 Burnham St., with doors opening at 6:30. Questions will be in the categories of: Economy and Employment, Healthcare, Seniors’ Concerns, Environment, and Open Questions. Be sure to come by early to meet the candidates, and bring a question and a friend!

All-Candidate Meeting: Your Health Matters

The Port Hope Northumberland Community Health Centre is hosting an all-candidate meeting to discuss healthcare, which is always a top budget issue in Ontario. The event will be at Ganaraska Trail Public School, 34 Percival St., Port Hope, and will be held on Thursday, May 10 at 6:45pm.

Healthcare is always a critical topic, not least because it is our biggest expense. But we are also in a healthcare crisis: many Ontarians don’t have a family doctor; wait times for ER visits, surgeries, and specialists are far too long; there is a shortage of long-term care facilities, a fact that becomes more crucial as baby boomers age; mental health issues are becoming increasingly recognized but still lack funding for proper treatment; opioid addiction and overdoses are at epidemic levels; and costs continue to rise.

You can see the Green Party’s vision for healthcare reform here, but be sure to come out and see how all of the candidates respond to the questions and present their party’s platform on this issue. Bring a friend, and bring a question!


Your Health Matters

Port Hope All-Candidates Meeting

The Port Hope and District Chamber of Commerce, Northumberland Central Chamber of Commerce, Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, and Northumberland Federation of Agriculture have organized an all-candidates meeting. The meeting will be on May 8th 2018, from 7-9pm, with doors opening at 6. The venue is the Cameco Capitol Arts Centre, 20 Queen St., Port Hope. This event is free, and open to the public. All are welcome!

The event will centre around business and agriculture, two areas on which the Green platform is particularly strong. Our Green Vision for Jobs includes a focus on evidence-based policies that consider the impacts of regulations on small businesses, as well as increased protections for farmland and strategies to help small producers market their products. We know that true sustainability isn’t just about environmental protection (as if that can be separated from other issues). It is also about a sustainable economy to support a healthy and sustainable society. The traditional economy is disappearing: 300,000 manufacturing jobs have vanished in the last decade, the middle class is shrinking as inequality grows, and all of society suffers for it. We’re looking ahead to new industries, but also to new economic models that are more resilient and flexible in our rapidly changing world.

Come out to this free event to see how your Green candidate, Jeff Wheeldon, sizes up against the competition! The candidates from the Liberal Party, PC Party, NDP, and Trilium Party will also attend. Bring a friend, and bring questions for your candidates!

Event Poster

Event poster

Upcoming Events!

The election campaign has not yet officially begun, but we’re ready. Community groups are already planning all-candidate events, and your Green candidate Jeff Wheeldon will be there. He would also love to be at YOUR event! Please invite us to your event, public or private. Bring your friends, and ask Jeff anything about the Green Vision, himself, his candidacy, or any particular issues of concern. You can reach Jeff at to book a meeting. He’d love to hear from you!

Here is a schedule of all-candidate meetings in the riding. Find a .pdf version below, with active links to maps or for printing and posting in your area! (Please recycle your posters once the campaign is done.)

UPDATE 5/20/2018: The events just keep on coming! Had to update the poster to add three new events!


Events poster

PDF version:

All-Candidates Meetings schedule (.pdf link)