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The Green Party of Ontario is committed to being honest about the problems we face and always acting with integrity. We will work to make decisions based on evidence, science and best practises.


  • Support for local businesses and entrepreneurs
  • An energy system to help our climate and lower our bills
  • Helping people and goods move around more efficiently
  • Unlocking affordable housing


  • Help everyone roll with the punches
  • Fix the real and growing gaps in our health care system
  • Address systemic racism
  • Improve education and provide the chance for lifelong learning
  • Address the mental health and addiction crisis


  • Address climate change
  • Protect farmland and support farmers
  • Defend Ontario’s natural heritage
  • Protect our water
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Green Party of Canada

Vision Green

The Green Party of Canada’s “Vision Green” gives any interested Canadian a more complete understanding of the full range of public policies Green Members of Parliament will work to implement.

It is a well-researched analysis of critical economic, environmental, and social challenges facing Canadians from coast to coast to coast. In this document, we present practical solutions that can be achieved if there is the political will and leadership to take forward-looking action. It was developed by our Green Cabinet and was informed by experts, activists and citizens who participated in policy workshops held across Canada. Our vision is based on policies approved by the membership of the Green Party.


Part 1: The Green Economy

Part 2: Addressing the challenge of the Climate Crisis

Part 3: Preserving and Restoring the Environment

Part 4: People

Part 5: The planet needs Canada (and vice versa)

Part 6: Good Government


Party Leaders

Meet Mike Schreiner (Provincial)

GPO Mike Schreiner

Meet Elizabeth May (Federal)

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